Make an appointment with Virginia DMV here: https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/onlineservices/appointments.aspx

Currently, the learner’s permit test is provided in translations of Dari and Pashto – here’s the complete list. Unfortunately, these translations either use overly sophisticated language or were translated by machine – and our clients are unable to understand them.

Thanks to Reestablish Richmond, we have access to downloadable translations of the Virginia Driver’s Manual are available in the languages below:

please wear a mask

COVID-19 Update

In the interest of our volunteers and clients’ safety, we have suspended HR3 face-to-face activities to encourage recommended social distancing procedures as our communities strive to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

We hope you are all keeping safe and healthy during this strange and scary time. We know things are uncertain for everyone right now, and we hope you and yours are well. All our volunteers are incredibly important to us, and your health and safety (and that of your loved ones) is, too.

Be Safe, Everyone!

During this time, our refugee families have been pitching in to help their communities and have sewn triple-layer masks for individual use or to send to health organizations. They have already sent masks to supplement the Personal Protective Equipment given at Sentara ER and Riverside hospitals.

If you wish to purchase a mask made by our refugee families to help support them during this time, or if you would like to sponsor a donation of masks to a local hospital or healthcare organization or facility in need, please contact us at (757) 817-2124 or on Facebook. Individual masks are $7; please ask about pricing for bulk masks for donation.

To donate funds for fabric or material used to create masks, please go to our donation page: http://hr3va.org/donate/

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