Education is the largest focus of HR3. It is the best tool for the refugees to improve their socioeconomic status. With it, they can navigate society, find jobs, learn trade skills, and much more. In order to provide a quality education, we teach a huge variety of subjects to our refugees. The subject matter is depends on the student, and it is selected on a case by case basis, but some common subjects include English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, medical world navigation, tax filing navigation, sports, and American culture education. It is our hope that the variety of subjects will provide the refugees with stepping stones to improve their lives and make a new home here in the United States. 

Why Education is Important

As stated above, education is key to improving socioeconomic status (SES), but what does that mean and why is it important? SES describes your status in society and your financial situation. According to studies, a high status and solid financial situation suggests better health (both mental and physical) and greater freedom of choice. These two factors are important for determining the quality of life of a person, but how does education help one achieve a better financial situation and status? With education, a person is able to choose more paths in life, and with more paths comes a significantly increased chance to improve status and finances. 

How to Support Us

The best way to support is to either donate or volunteer. Donations allow us to buy vital resources needed for teaching, and volunteers provide us with teachers to teach the refugees. Both methods play vital roles for the education of the refugees.