About Organization

Beginnings & Purpose

Refugees face a second struggle after escaping from their dangerous homes and lives and moving to the United States. After they escape, they must build a new life and home here. Doing so in a foreign country where the culture, the people, and the language are new is no easy task. Refugees only receive 3 months of government assistance after arriving in the United States and having their asylum approved. Hampton Roads Refugee Relief, Inc. (HR3) was founded on June 28, 2017 as a nonprofit organization to help bridge the gap between that short period and the point at which they will become fully self-sufficient citizens in their communities. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and our purpose is to assist the refugees with creating a new home and life in the United States. Our activities ease the families’ transition to the United States and make sure refugees have every opportunity to succeed and become productive members of our community. Most of our families have been here anywhere from three months to three years.

How We Help

Assistance in building a new life and home takes many forms from providing education to simply encouraging refugees to keep moving forward. As such, we offer a variety of forms of assistance. For example, one of our current and largest objectives is to support refugee families in growing their language skills by providing English-language Immersion and Engagement programs for all ages. Some other methods of assistance we provide take place in the form of programs we have created to aid refugees, such as job placement, health screenings, and assistance identifying housing, transportation, cultural integration, and educational support opportunities in collaboration with key community partners.

Where Our Refugee Families Come From

(Infographic created in 2019. Family demographic information subject to change as additional client families register.)

HR3 Impact at a Glance: 2020

In 2020, Hampton Roads Refugee Relief:

  • Assisting 6 Refugees who have become naturalized citizens register to vote and vote in the 2020 election
  • Assisted 25 families adapt to virtual schooling amidst the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Installed Wi-Fi hotspots in 14 homes after helping them qualify for low price school internet for low-income families
  • Assisted 30 families in completing the 2020 Census both hard copies and online.
  • Received $3850 worth of donated items; particularly the donations of household cleaning & hygiene supplies  *Calculated based on Goodwill donated goods value.
  • Assisted 28 families helped apply for social security/TANAF/SNAP/WIC, and other social benefits.
  • Conducted 2020 Needs Assessment to 55 refugee families across Newport News.
  • 368 Volunteer hours recorded and over 86 hours of group classroom activities.

HR3 Impact 2019

In 2019, Hampton Roads Refugee Relief:

  • worked with 40 refugee families (200 adults and children).
  • donated $2502 worth of household items, gently used clothing, and stationery to our families.
  • provided support in navigating healthcare, job applications and interviews, social service applications, driver’s license applications, and home maintenance for 108 refugees.
  • worked with 45 volunteers (including dedicated students from
    Christopher Newport University and Old Dominion University) who gave an incredible amount of time and energy to make our mission possible.

    • by spending a total of 557 hours helping our refugee families
    • through English Immersion, Engagement, and Second Language training for 77 refugee children and adults with weekly group classes, individual tutoring, and other communal events including field trips to local museums, health fairs in collaboration with Eastern Virginia Medical School, and refugee immigration workshops with Powell Law PLLC and with the William & Mary Law School Immigration Clinic
    • Calculated Total of $14,176.89 of time-value!