Building Healthy Communities

Good health is a critical foundation of any society. But in poor communities in Palestine and Lebanon, families have trouble accessing quality health care.

Crumbling buildings, outdated equipment and a shortage of doctors and medicines diminish the standard of care that hospitals and clinics can provide. And restrictions on movement cause patients to rely on small, local clinics with the fewest resources.

Thanks to supporters from all over the world, HR3 is able to rebuild, upgrade and improve conditions in hospitals and clinics in Palestine and Lebanon. We distribute millions of dollars worth of vital medicines, equipment, wheelchairs, over-the-counter drugs and health care supplies that would not otherwise be available in the communities where they are needed the most.

Together with people just like you, we’re training families and health care professionals in their communities. We’re teaching healthy habits to children and administering programs that help parents identify symptoms and treatment options for various diseases. Together, we’re building healthy communities through public health education initiatives like summer camps and clinic open days.