What You Can Do

The HR3 Sponsor-A-Family program was set up to assist families with especially heavier needs. The program allows donors to directly help those families either by donating money earmarked directly to the family or by purchasing items the family has requested. HR3’s Sponsor-a-Family program is NOT a legal sponsorship for immigration or refugee status purposes.

The Families

Families chosen for the Sponsor-A-Family program are living in homeless shelters or have been referred to HR3 by local social service agencies, schools, hospitals, fire departments, religious institutions and other service organizations. Members of these families often suffer from illness or disabilities that prevent them from working. To assist you with choosing a family to help, HR3 can provide you with descriptions from a list of families. Once you’ve chosen a family, all that’s left is to help them out! With your help, we can improve the lives of these families.