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We are a small 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to support refugees and their families on their journey to becoming fully integrated, contributing members of our community.


Hampton Roads Refugee Relief serves all refugees regardless of their origin, faith, gender or background.

Global Hearted

Despite our local focus, our founder and team represent populations from countries all over the world.


Founded by Dr. Rabia Jafri, Hampton Roads Refugee Relief is proud to be a women-led organization.

Board of Directors
Rebecca Davidson


Nicole Medved


Stefanie Vasquez

Vice President

Ajmal Sobhan
Hiba Alamin
Roshanak Azad
Leonard Bennett
Alisa Roberts
Heather Oman

ESL Coordinator

Volunteer Staff

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Rabia Jafri

Dr. Rabia Jafri, was born in Karachi, Pakistan in the winter of 1974, one of six children. During her early years, Rabia was involved in social enterprises and volunteerism to help others in her own town in Pakistan.

Rabia moved to the United States after her marriage to Dr. Naved Jafri in 1996. Rabia is the proud mother of four children, one graduating from law school, one in medical school and two teenagers.

Rabia began her medical education at Eastern Virginia Medical School after the birth of all of her children. During the early years of her medical education she began to discover huge gaps in community resources and developed an immense drive to help those in need.

Identifying as an immigrant, Rabia later realized through community friends, that many of the basic needs and cultural integration, faced on a daily basis, by refugee men, women and children, were not being totally met. Refugees hailing from underserved countries were in need of physical, dental and mental health treatment. Importantly, group and one on one investment of time to the individuals and families who were challenged with these ongoing shortfalls as they settle to new life in the USA.

Using her medical and mental health skills and that of her husband and medical friends/colleagues, Rabia set out to weave a network of support. Refugees from countries at war, suffering the atrocities of rape, acute poverty and famine arriving in the USA from Syria, Burma, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, etc., a representation of interfaith and cultural beliefs, have been provided with needed assistance.

Dr. Jafri’s commitment to service has continued throughout her life. In 2017, she, with significant support from friends and colleagues, founded Hampton Roads Refugee Relief, (HR3), to better assist refugees in the Hampton Roads area. HR3, in line with Rabia’s vision for health, support and well-being, continues to offer a comprehensive slate of services to help all refugees, in collaboration with other local non-profits. Dr. Rabia Jafri proudly accepted the Virginia Refugee Mental Health Advocate of the Year award.

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